SEIZE is a member-driven nonprofit organization that educates, incubates and organizes in support of a democratic economy rooted in ecological vitality and human solidarity.  

SEIZE was founded at Concordia as a result of the first solidarity economy mandate that passed in 2015 with 84% support of the undergraduate student body. SEIZE also identified and filled gaps in Concordia’s undergraduate academic curriculum with their “Fundamentals of Solidarity Economy” curriculum that has been operating since 2018. Additionally, SEIZE has a proven track record of incubating student and non-student enterprises, and supporting existing Concordia community groups. SEIZE is hoping to entrench their operations through the fee-levy system at Concordia, and will be campaigning for a “yes” vote for their referendum question in the CSU by-elections in November. 

The fee-levy campaign will enable SEIZE to expand its service offering to provide solidarity economy capacity-building opportunities, through supporting existing organizations, and empowering Concordians to create meaningful jobs by founding democratic enterprises. In practical terms this means by supporting SEIZE you will help us create the following resources accessible to Concordia undergraduate students: 

The question will appear as follows: 

Do you as a member of the Concordia Student Union (CSU) agree to pay 29 cents per credit (indexed to inflation in accordance with the Consumer Price Index of Canada) effective winter 2022, towards the establishment of a solidarity economy incubator, that will primarily engage students through the support, development, study, and promotion of democratic enterprises?

Vote “Yes” on November 16, 17, 18th

at the CSU by-election!

At SEIZE we believe in transparency, so we invite you to view our application to CSU here.  This application includes the SEIZE bylaws, previous years budget, 3 year projected budget and complaints policy. You can also see our three year projected budget overview below:

If you have any question or concerns about the application please reach out to us at 

The SEIZE Fee-levy Campaign is proud to showcase our endorsements from Concordia & beyond: