SEIZE Fee-Levy Campaign

(November 2021)

This week SEIZE will be campaigning across the Concordia campus to get the word out about the upcoming election taking place on November 16, 17 & 18. We will be asking Concordia Undergraduate students if they want to pay $0.29 per credit towards the creation of a solidarity economy incubator that will primarily serve students through the support, development, study, and promotion of democratic enterprises. 

Concordia has been identified as a hotspot for the social solidarity economy (SSE) by numerous governmental and academic stakeholders, an impressive achievement considering it is embedded within the already robust and vibrant SSE ecosystem of Quebec. Despite the momentum of numerous generations of Concordia activists and community organizers in building vibrant solidarity economy enterprises, there has yet to be a follow-through on the promise of institutionalizing the resources and tools necessary to meaningfully carry this work forward. This election period SEIZE is aiming to change all that by entrenching our operations through the fee-levy system at Concordia. 

The fee-levy system is the ideal place to host such an ambitious project. An incubator is fundamentally a service provider, which means it operates as a non-profit, and the central issue in the non-profit sector is securing funding. Overwhelmingly, non-profit financing is sourced from a combination of government grants and foundations, the latter effectively referring to billionaire interest groups. The fee-levy system offers an incredibly rare escape from the compromising strings attached to traditional non-profit financing, because it provides a grassroots connection to students, who, in addition to often having entrepreneurial ambitions, are historically at the forefront of social movements.

 Students come to Concordia not only for the academic experience but also for the support system that allows us to manifest our ideas to make our world a better place. Currently the resources available to students only enable us to replicate the same system which has driven our global trajectory into record inequality and a climate crisis. Privatized businesses and hierarchical organizational structures have forced our generation to fight for the crumbs in a race to the bottom. SEIZE wants to give Concordians the tools and resources they need to launch and run democratic enterprises that are collectively owned, and break this cycle. 

To learn more about the details of the campaign, please check out our campaigns page! 

Petition Signature Drive for the

SEIZE Fee Levy Campaign

(September 2021)

SEIZE is planning on running a referendum question in the CSU byelections which will be submitted as followed:

“Do you as a member of the Concordia Student Union (CSU) agree to establish a social solidarity economy incubator hub that will primarily engage students through the education, support, development and promotion of democratic enterprises by paying 29 cents per credit (indexed to inflation in accordance with the Consumer Price Index of Canada) effective winter 2022?”

Thank you to the over 800 students that signed the petition! The CSU Council unanimously approved the SEIZE fee-levy application and we will see you at the ballots!

How to be an Excellent Board Member Workshop

(Ongoing service)

SEIZE in collaboration with CUTV put together a workshop on May 10th, 2021 to help educate our community on what it means to be a Board member. This workshop was aimed at supporting and empowering community members to be able to contribute to local community organization (either cooperative or non-profit). This workshop covers the fundamentals of Board of Director governance structures, various roles and responsibilities, and common challenges organizations encounter.

As result from the outstanding positive feedback from our community we are offering Board of Director trainings to community organizations within our community. We see this training as a fundamental service to enable and empower Board Members to effectively, equitably and legitimately run community organizations. If you are interested in having SEIZE run this training workshop for your organization please reach out to us at

This Is How We Transform The Economy
SEIZE Speaker Series

(Spring 2021)

SEIZE just completed their first-ever month-long speaker series! Started February 23 and ended on March 23rd, the SEIZE (Socialist Economy Incubation Zone for Entrepreneurs) will host one speaker a week for several consecutive weeks, and concluded the speaker events with an immersive workshop to apply discussed theories, tools, and tactics. The final workshop will be specifically focusing on Concordia’s food system transformation.

Leaders in economic transformation will discuss experiences and lessons learned from in grassroots organizing, movement and capacity building, and rethinking and reorganizing labor!

The SEIZE Speaker Series is online and completely free (with RSVP), making SEIZE’s activities completely open to the community at large.

Recordings are not yet available, if you contact us we will put you on a list to notify you of their release. Thank you for your patience!

First Speaker Cheyenna Weber

Feb 23, 2021
“Nobody’s Free Until Everybody’s Free”: Finding Freedom in Solidarity Economies

Second Speaker George Lakey

March 2, 2021
Cooperation as part of a response to rising fascism and right populism

Third Speaker Esteban Kelly

March 9, 2021
Big We: How movement-building catalyzes Solidarity Economy Organizing

Fourth Speaker: SEIZE (Dru Oja)

March 16, 2021
What is Venture Communalism? + Networking

Fifth Speaker: Transformative Food Systems (Shylah Wofle)

March 23, 2021
A Taste of Transformation
Recipe for Food System Change at Concordia

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This event was co-hosted by the Sustainability Action Fund ( SAF)