SEIZE is a democratic organization with open membership. Want to join?

To be a member, you are required to:

  • agree with the basis of unity (see below) and be aligned with the goals of the organization (to advance the work of replacing capitalism with an economic system that affirms the web of life and upholds human dignity and freedom within it through education, incubation and organizing);
  • devote no less than 18 hours per year (1.5 hours per month) to organizing in support of SEIZE initiatives;
  • pay the minimum membership fee of $20/year (exceptions granted for low-income members).

And/Or (pending CSU referendum outcome):

  • Be an undergraduate student at Concordia, having not opted-out of the SEIZE fee-levy.

If you meet the requirements and want to join, go ahead and sign up below.

Membership Form

Basis of Unity

SEIZE members believe, and act in broad accordance with the following principles:

  • Inclusion: people come from many different understandings and backgrounds; within the organization and outside, we meet people where they are at and start from our shared humanity and experience of economic exploitation.
  • Class consciousness: people may come from many different class positions and we strive to be conscious of the socialization and values that we have inherited from our families, neighbourhoods, workplaces and educational institutions.
  • Anti-oppression: the humanity and dignity of every person is non-negotiable. To cite a few important examples: trans women are women, and sex workers are workers. Racial and ethnic discrimination must not only be rejected in every instance, but also be met with active solidarity. Oppression is embedded within Canadian culture and institutions. Dismantling it is an ongoing process which we are committed to.
  • Decolonization: The process of displacing people from their land – and severing their connection to it – is ongoing. It’s the reason many of us are here, and it’s an engine of Canada’s economy. We commit to making decolonization central to the new economy by supporting the land-back movement in asserting First Nations’ rights and sovereignty. By understanding our own origins in terms of displacement and our relationship to land and colonial theft, we aim to rebuild land-based stewardship at every level of the economy. 
  • Political independence: We will not accept any funding or enter into any agreement that compromises our ability to make decisions democratically and advance our goals and values. We will take steps to prevent the influence of powers not informed by our members’ needs and the collective goals of our organization.