What we do:

Our team, composed of a broad coalition of activists, organizers, and entrepreneurs, is prepared to offer you support, training and mentorship in the development of your project(s). If you are developing a project that both fulfills a social mandate and intends to be scalable in design, we can work with you and provide the following services to support its incubation and acceleration:

We offer:

Enterprise Development

  • Business Plan Writing & Development
  • Feasibility Analysis
  • Bylaw & Constitution Development
  • Strategic Development & Planning

Organizational Capacity Building

  • Community Mobilization & Outreach
  • HR Development & Management
  • Leadership & Collective Coaching
  • Conflict Resolution

Marketing & Operations Management

  • Marketing & Commercialization Strategies
  • Strategic Campaign Development
  • Survey Design & Implementation
  • Supply Chain & Procurement

Financial Planning & Management

  • Best Practices in Bookkeeping & Accounting
  • Participatory Budgeting Processes
  • Financial Projections & Planning
  • Grant Writing & Research

Email us at projects@socialisteconomy.ca to get started

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Who have we incubated:

New Roots Worker’s Cooperative

What did we do: 

  • SEIZE members directly facilitated the sale of the original company to the workers
  • SEIZE members have held executive seats on the Board of Directors since its founding 
  • SEIZE built links between the coop and the wider tree-planting workforce by facilitating the creation of a cooperative planting investment fund.

We directly helped them achieve: 

  • Excellent financial performance, expansions already being planned.
  • Currently the only co-operative tree planting company in BC!
  • Actively nurtures and supports the projects of its members, including “Treehab”, a planting program designed to act as a form of rehabilitation for recovering addicts 

The Breach Media

What did we do: 

  • SEIZE members incubated The Breach through providing consultative and administrative support.
  • SEIZE members wrote the Business Plan for the launch of The Breach.

We directly helped them achieve: 

  • $287k in start up funding from members before officially launching their full website. 
  • Gained 1200 founding member sustainers and an audience of 19k across its platforms during the 3rd week of its pre-launch campaign.

The Hive Café Solidarity Cooperative 

What did we do:

  • SEIZE members co-founded The Hive.
  • SEIZE members have held executive roles on the Board of Directors since its founding.
  • SEIZE wrote a Feasibility Plan for the expansion of The Hive.

We directly helped them achieve: 

  • 6 years of successful operations with over 6000 user members and over 35 worker members.
  • Break even surplus (profit) achieved in it 3rd year of operation.
  • A free lunch program that feeds hundreds of students daily at Concordia’s Loyola campus.