What we do:

Our team of dedicated and diversified consultants are prepared to offer you support, training and mentorship in the development of your projects. We aim to incubate and accelerate the solidarity economy by working with you to reach your potential!

We offer:

Enterprise Development

  • Business Plan Writing & Development
  • Feasibility Analysis
  • Bylaw & Constitution Development
  • Strategic Development & Planning

Organizational Capacity Building

  • Community Mobilization & Outreach
  • HR Development & Management
  • Leadership & Collective Coaching
  • Conflict Resolution

Marketing & Operations Management

  • Marketing & Commercialization Strategies
  • Strategic Campaign Development
  • Survey Design & Implementation
  • Supply Chain & Procurement

Financial Planning & Management

  • Best Practices in Bookkeeping & Accounting
  • Participatory Budgeting Processes
  • Financial Projections & Planning
  • Grant Writing & Research

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We’ve worked with:

New Roots Worker’s Cooperative

What did we do: 

  • SEIZE members directly facilitated the sale of the original company to the workers
  • SEIZE members have held executive seats on the Board of Directors since its founding 
  • SEIZE built links between the coop and the wider tree-planting workforce by facilitating the creation of a cooperative planting investment fund.

We directly helped them achieve: 

  • Excellent financial performance, expansions already being planned.
  • Currently the only co-operative tree planting company in BC!
  • Actively nurtures and supports the projects of its members, including “Treehab”, a planting program designed to act as a form of rehabilitation for recovering addicts 

The Breach Non-profit Member Driven Journalism

What did we do: 

  • SEIZE members incubated The Breach through providing consultative and administrative support.
  • SEIZE members wrote the Business Plan for the launch of The Breach.

We directly helped them achieve: 

  • $287k in start up funding from members before officially launching their full website. 
  • Gained 1200 founding member sustainers and an audience of 19k across its platforms during the 3rd week of its pre-launch campaign.

The Hive Café Solidarity Cooperative 

What did we do:

  • SEIZE members co-founded The Hive.
  • SEIZE members have held executive roles on the Board of Directors since its founding.
  • SEIZE wrote a Feasibility Plan for the expansion of The Hive.

We directly helped them achieve: 

  • 6 years of successful operations with over 6000 user members and over 35 worker members.
  • Break even surplus (profit) achieved in it 3rd year of operation.
  • A free lunch program that feeds hundreds of students daily at Concordia’s Loyola campus.