We educate so you
can LEARN the
building blocks
for economic

Our educational programs help you
organize for the solidarity economy.

To us, popular education is:



Hands on. Involved. Good
learning is a co-production
between thoughtful people.
Also, it’s way more fun.



You should leave with skills that
you can apply now. You’ll get the
high-level framework—but also the
ability to just do it.



Together, we’ll imagine the better
economy that we can build
through these practices—and
think through how.

So, we’ve built a couple programs
that embody these principles:

The Social Economy Mentorship Internship Program

The Social Economy Mentorship Internship (SEMI) program is designed to give actionable support and capacity to individuals on the ground carrying out social solidarity economy (SSE) projects. The SEMI program offers mentorship, networking opportunities, and financial support to empower social entrepreneurs to develop their soft and hard skills while contributing meaningfully to projects. Participants may apply to pursue their own project or to be placed as an intern with an active SSE project. 


As a part of the SEMI program, you will be matched with an experienced professional who will provide you with guidance to help you develop project-related skills. Once you have been matched with a mentor, you will have at least five one-on-one consultation sessions together.

Financial Support

As a participant in the SEMI program, you will receive $1,000 for  your project. This financial support is intended to allow you to focus on the development of skills related to your SSE project.

Networking Opportunities

Participants accepted into the SEMI program gain the support of not only their mentor but also a network of like-minded individuals. Joining this network gives you access to events and resources that can help you along your journey.

The Fundamentals of the Solidarity Economy Certificate

This is an 8-week hands-on learning program that will introduce you to the solidarity economy movement—and help you find your place in it. You’ll leave with: 

A Roadmap

You’ll have a clear strategy for engagement in the local and global solidarity economy movement.

Identified Skills

You’ll have a better understanding of your strengths, and how to use them to change the system.

A Certificate

You’ll become a member of the SEIZE network and have a Certificate in Solidarity Economy Organizing.