Our 8-week Social and Solidarity Economy Fundamentals curriculum and various workshops focus on expanding a network of participants in building a socialist economy spanning cooperatives, movements, neighborhoods and institutions.


Our work is aimed at building worker-owned businesses in strategic sectors, positioned to transform our relationships to the environment and each other.


Everything we do is aimed at building a powerful network that can move more of the economy under popular control, away from the dominance of capital.

Movements are the Best Way to Spread Cooperation

There is a sense that worker cooperatives in the US are moving out a phase of being an economic subculture. The movement is becoming an engine for innovation and transformation.

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Treeplanting Today, Tomorrow Forestry: Half Past Capitalism ep. 001

Mosquitoes, clearcuts, transparency and workplace culture in the corner of Canada's forestry industry devoted to treeplanting

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This is How We Transform the Music Industry

Natalia Linarea and Francisco Perez talk economics, music and art at La Place Commune in Montreal.

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